Onyeka Speak at TechFestng 2018

It was an honor shedding light at TechFest on how one can become a farmer without necessarily owning a farm but simply by sponsoring a farmer to grow crops and help reduce hunger. Techfest platform brings technology to all aspects in life including Farming.

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How technology is disrupting African businesses on CNBCAfrica

Across Africa, we have seen organizations investing in technology to drive innovation in agriculture. From climate-smart techniques, to the use of biotechnology we explore how technology can be a game changer for the future of agriculture in Africa. It was an honor joining Kola Masha, Managing Director at Babban Gona on CNBC Africa for this discussion.

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Being an Entrepreneur – The Christian Perspective

Everyone gets excited when they find themselves in a position were they have created something of value and it works. You get this great feeling with a high dose of positive energy, sense of value, sense of purpose or a boosted self-esteem.

This is not far from the truth that God created every one of us to make our world a better place than we met it with our own creations. He created each one with gifts for us to use them on Earth and not to take them back to Him in Heaven.

1 Peter 4: 10 (New International Version) says Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.

Each one of us are created uniquely and blessed with many gifts and talents that when used in reality, those that succeed at being fulfilled in life are those that used their gifts & abilities whether in business, at work, in athletics, in governance or any other field you can think of to make our world a better place while attaining a high level of recognition.

There are many examples of men and women in the Bible and in our world, today who are classic examples of people who discovered their own gifts and talents then used them to become successful in their endeavors. From Joseph the dreamer who rose to become Prime Minister of the most powerful nation of his time as a result of using his talent of understanding dreams to David, Samson, The Hebrew Boys and Daniel (Daniel 1: 4).

In our world today, the likes of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Jack Ma, Elon Musk and many entrepreneurs like them are celebrated for using their gifts. One man, in particular, fascinates me with how he went about his work – R.G. LeTourneau – the famous Christian who is tagged The Greatest Inventor of Earth Moving Equipments. He lived between 1888 and 1969 and was credited with over 300 patents. This man was a dreamer who’ll sleep, wake up and draw a new Earth moving equipment he had seen in his sleep. The man had a gift for art.

So what is holding Christians back today from expressing their own gifts? We even have the advantage of the HolySpirit who can teach us all things per time, then why are we not maximizing our gifts? I’ll discuss more on this in the concluding chapter…


Farmcrowdy announces crop farming for 2018

For the first time this year, we will be making over 5,000 units of new maize farms available for sponsorship next Wednesday, the 4th of April. We will be empowering over 2,000 farmers this planting season by cultivating up to 7,000 acres of maize and rice farms in Kwara and Kaduna states. We are excited for the opportunity to empower even more farmers, together!

Nigerian Agritech Startup Farmcrowdy Raises $1m Seed Investment

Agriculture, at scale, has relied on technology, in some form or other, for hundreds of years. However, digital technology is fast becoming increasingly essential in facilitating productivity through various innovations, in one of the world’s oldest industries.

Enter Farmcrowdy – a Nigerian digital agritech startup that is revolutionizing the local agriculture sector by connecting small-scale farmers with Nigerian sponsors from locally, from the US and UK who invest in farm cycles. Launched just over 12 months ago, they connect small scale farmers with sponsors, who invest in farm cycles which can be anything from poultry [3-5 months] to cassava [9mths]. The farmers receive on-the-ground advice and training from agriculture experts in better agricultural practices, different type of crops and production methods. Farmers and sponsors all receive a percentage of the profits on harvest.

By connecting more than 2,000 small-scale farmers with over 1,000 unique sponsors through the startup’s website and newly launched mobile app in Google Playstore, and Apple Appstore, Farmcrowdy has built a community model that allows Nigerians to venture into farming and agriculture at the touch of a button, while empowering local farmers, and boosting production and security of food for Nigeria. The startup is not only positively impacting the lives of local farmers and their families, but making a profit for farm sponsors and investors.

Graduates of Techstars Atlanta’s 2017 cohort, Farmcrowdy this week closed on a $1 Million seed investment round from Cox EnterprisesTechstars VenturesSocial CapitalHallett Capital and Right-Side Capital; as well as angel investors Tyler Scriven, Michael Cohn, Josephine Group, FC Agro Allied SPV and Dr. Christof Walter.

Mfonobong Nsehe spoke to serial entrepreneur, Onyeka Akumah, CEO and Co-Founder of Farmcrowdy on their plans for this investment round and what this means for the agritech sector not only in Nigeria but potentially West Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa as a whole.

Farmcrowdy has only been operating for a year, yet you have made quite an impact, both with users and investors. Tell us more about the vision behind Farmcrowdy and what you do?

Farmcrowdy was established in November 2016 after mulling over challenges within the agriculture sector that I had witnessed a couple of years ago. At around the same the Government of Nigeria was looking into ways in which resources could be channeled to boost the agriculture sector. The Nigerian Government was also looking at ways in which individuals could contribute to the agriculture sector as a means of improving food security and food production.

With an early interest in agriculture (and small-scale farming in particular), and having started my first business venture as a 12 year old running a 200 chick poultry farm in Sokoto, Nigeria, I noticed that as much as the middle-class Nigerian is excited about getting involved in agriculture, unfortunately they do not have the time, or experience and skill to invest successfully in the sector. They do however, possess the resources. It was a question of understanding how these resources could be channeled in a way that both positively impacts the lives of the over 38 million small-scale farmers in Nigeria who have extra farmlands, but do not have the finances to expand their farm operations. We set out to bridge this gap and build this marketplace by setting up Farmcrowdy.

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